II. Student exchange programme in Croatia

II. Student exchange programme in Croatia

Student Exchange Programme 2 within the project ECOTOP2 was implemented between 20 and 27 August, 2018 organised by the Krizevci College of Agriculture. 12 students from Kaposvár University participated in the programme. During the programme the students visited local enterprises and tourist destinations and had the opportunity to learn a little about the everyday life of a famous food processing plant. In addition, they participated in the organisation of an internationally recognised festival and also attended the festival.

During the 7 days of the programme the students could see for example how chocolate is manufactured from Kapronca’s famous herb, i.e. nettle (Hedona) and visited the following interesting places:

  • the river Drava
  • Hlebine – gallery of naive arts
  • mount Kalnik
  • Kostanjevec – winery
  • Koprivnica town museum
  • Podravka food museum
  • Sunny Village – workshop
  • Renaissance festival
  • Podravka – factory visit


What were the two weeks like from a student’s perspective?

“A week in a wonderful region with great people. This is perhaps how I could summarize the exchange programme from which I gained a lot of new experiences and friends. These experiences and friendships will have a great influence on my future, too.

For me (and for all other students, as it later turned out) Sunny Village, the renaissance festival and the winery visit were the highlights of the week. But everywhere we went, we experienced friendly atmosphere and great hospitality. As a special experience, on the first day of the festival, when the fire jugglers performed their show in front of the king’s throne, we could watch it as the king’s special guests.

Everyone was extremely friendly to us but Kati, the interpreter helped us the most. Not only did she interpret for us but she also did all her best so that we felt great and that we can also contribute to this wonderful week. We thank her for all her help.”
(Martin Király, finance-accountancy student)