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Tourist Authority of the town of Koprivnica

Tourist Authority of the town of Koprivnica

Tourist Authority of the Town of Koprivnica is a legal person whose members are legal and private persons operating in the sector of hospitality and tourism, and with this sector directly connected (complementary) sectors/services, active in the area of the Town of Koprivnica.

For the purpose of enhancing the general conditions for tourist visits, the promotion of tourism products of the Authority’s area, and the development of awareness of the importance of economic, social and other tourism impacts, as well as the need and importance of the preservation and enhancement of all elements of the tourism product of the Authority’s area, especially environmental protection, the Authority has the following tasks:

  • Encouragement, enhancement and promotion of authentic values (heritage, customs, ethnological treasures, etc.) of the tourism area the town belongs to, and the creation of conditions for the economic utilization of that area,
  • Promotion of activities of the legal and private persons in the hospitality field to aid the comprehensiveness and quality of the food and beverage, accommodation and other services relevant to the hospitality and service industry,
  • Cooperation with and the coordination of legal and private persons who are directly or indirectly involved in the tourism market, with the purpose of joint negotiation, regulation and implementation of the tourism development policy and its promotion in the frame of the all-encompassing economic development policy of the area,
  • Promotion, coordination and organization of cultural, artistic, economic, sports and other manifestation adding to the enrichment of the tourism offer of the town,
  • Promotion of the protection, maintenance and restoration of cultural-historic monuments and other material goods of value to tourism, and their inclusion in the tourism offer,
  • Promotion and organization of activities with the purpose of the preservation of the tourism area, the enhancement of tourism surroundings and the protection of the environment in the area of the town,
  • Enhancement and aiding the development of tourism in the tourism underdeveloped areas of the town,
  • Making of the promotion plan and program in coordination with the concept and guidelines of the tourism promotion plan of the Republic of Croatia, the Town of Koprivnica, and the Koprivnica-Križevci Municipality,
  • Organization, implementation and monitoring of all activities concerning the promotion of tourism products of the Town, in accordance with the guidelines of the general assembly of the Authority, the annual work programme and the Authority’s financial plan,
  • Organization of fair exhibitions (domestic and foreign) and other tourism-related exhibitions in association with other tourism authorities (tourism boards) or (the Authority) alone, dependent on the nature of the situation,
  • The Authority performs activities and its tasks in accordance with nature protection and environmental quality enhancement principles stated in the relevant regulations of the Republic of Croatia. Special care is given to the protection and preservation of cultural heritage. The Authority is represented by its President, the Director of the Tourism Authority of the Town of Koprivnica.

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