About the project

About the project

INTERREG V-A Hungary-Croatia Co-operation Programme 2014-2020


Lifelong learning programmes for increased growth capacity in ecotourism

Project implementation period

1 June, 2017- 30 September 2018

Consortium Members

  • Somogy Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Zala County
  • Tourist Authority of the town of Koprivnica
  • Kaposvár
  • Križevci College of Agriculture

The main goal of the project

Research conducted within the previous project has revealed that ecotourism is available in the region but it is not highly developed enough to meet current tourism needs. This can be mainly attributed to marketing problems: there are a number of excellent opportunities but people are not aware of them.

Lifelong learning programmes and language skills development workshops might mean a solution to improve the competences of ecotourism providers.

The project could foster the competitiveness of cross-border region by exploring the areas near the border and the knowledge-based development opportunities.  In addition, the project will create a knowledge transfer system through the education programmes of the partner institutions.

Target group: ecotourism providers or their employees as well as education and training institutions connected to ecotourism. 50 people will participate in the organised programmes which include exchange programmes, a business plan competition, a language course and marketing courses.

A study will be conducted focusing on the subject of the opportunities of including the Roma population in ecotourism. The primary research will concentrate on Somogy and Koprivničko-križevačka counties. The target is to explore the ecotourism opportunities of the disadvantaged (Roma) culture. The target group would include local professionals, minority representatives at county level and tourists interested in the Roma culture.

VGUK project team

  • Valentina Papić Bogadi
    project manager,
    project expert
  • Štefica Pečarić
    project finance
  • Silvije Jerčinović
  • Sandra Kantar
  • Dušanka Gajdić
  • Kristina Svržnjak

Tourist Authority of the town of Koprivnica project team

  • Renato Labazan
    event manager
  • Mario Borštnar
    financial manager

SKIK project team

  • Andrea Győrbíró-Kovács
    project manager, expert
  • Krisztina Németh
    project expert
  • Ágnes Thurzó
    project expert
  • Andrea Szakály
    project expert

ZMKIK project team

  • Renáta Verger
    project manager, expert
  • Anikó Vörös
    communication manager

Kaposvár University project team

  • Viktória Szente Dr.
    professioner leader,
    project experts
  • Orsolya Szigeti Dr.
    expert in
    data analysing
  • Attila Pintér
    expert in project communication
  • Mónika Zita Nagy Dr.
  • Renáta Varga