Ecotourism Training

Ecotourism Training

A 120-hour training course in ecotourism will be implemented within the project ECOTOP 2. The course will provide useful information primarily for those already working in the areas of rural tourism, experience tourism or local product sale or would like to diversify their businesses in these areas. There will be 21 participants in the training.

As a continuation of the previously completed ECOTOP project, now there is an opportunity to attend this specifically designed training in Kaposvár. A large emphasis was put on practice during the development of the training material. This is why a one-day study tour was organised so that the participants have the opportunity to learn from the experiences of existing ecotourism enterprises.

The training course will be held from mid-January to the end of March. Afterwards it will be continued with a series of workshops which will prepare participants for the reception of foreign guests: English for ecotourism foreign language skills development course.

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