60-hour English as a foreign language workshop (March-June 2018)

Foreign language skills are an advantage even in ecotourism
60-hour English as a foreign language workshop (March-June 2018)

The series of English-language workshops to expand the English for Ecotourism vocabulary has ended. 16 participants attended the programme held in Kaposvár Katedra Language School and implemented by Somogy Chamber of Commerce and Industry within the project ECOTOP 2.

The project ECOTOP 2 implemented within the Hungary-Croatia Co-operation Programme aims at improving the ecotourism range of services in the Hungarian-Croatian cross-border region. In order to do this several programmes and events were organised so as to advertise the initiatives on the Hungarian and Croatian sides of the border with which old traditions can be revived in a form that is appropriate for today. Some of the most interesting examples are nettle cultivation in Kapronca which will be the basis for producing food and health products with nettle as an ingredient and the possible sale of Roma food products with the brand name Lasipa (goodness). In addition to exchanging experiences, the partners also co-operated in developing an ecotourism entrepreneurial training course the material of which is available online both in Hungarian and Croatian.  Young people were also involved through the student exchange programme between Kaposvár University and Krizevci Agricultural College implemented by the project ECOTOP 2.

In addition to exploiting the opportunities in local products, rural tourism and nature, it is important to emphasise the reception of visitors. It is especially important to prepare for foreign visitors, which primarily means overcoming language barrier issues. This is why the 60-lesson-long English language vocabulary course was delivered for which specifically developed course material was written.  The participants of the course had the opportunity to expand their specific English as a foreign language vocabulary related to topics like gastronomy, nature conservation, renewable energy and the organisation of spare time programmes.

The participants representing various jobs all agreed that the programme was not only useful but also immensely necessary because the expansion of specific vocabulary in English is often neglected in the generally available language exam preparation course materials. The booklet with the course material is available for downloading on the website of Somogy Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( as well as on the project website (