Bike trip around ecotourism sights

Hop on your bike!
Bike trip around ecotourism sights

On 22 September 2018 Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Zala County organises a bicycle round trip presenting the ecotourism sights of the region within the project ECOTOP 2 HUHR/1601/4.1.2/0031 of the Interreg V-A Hungary- Croatia 2014-2020 Co-operation programme.

Tótszentmárton- Letenye – Hodosány – Murakirály – Perlak – Drávafüred –Ligetvár – Henisfalva – Muracsány – Letenye – Tótszentmárton

Tour guide: Tibor Sólyom Mézes

Length: 53.4 km (64 m elevation)

The trip is free of charge and is not a competition.
Every participant is responsible for their own health and safety and we do not take responsibility and are not liable for any damage done to the bicycles!

The round trip takes place in both Croatian and Hungarian areas so everyone is obliged to have personal identification on them! Check the validity of the documents!

Participants must register prior to the tour at until 17-09.2018. The maximum number of participants is 20 and registration will be closed when it reaches this number!

Entry: 9:00-9:30 Tótszentmárton, Szent Orbán Resting Area

Closing: 16:00

Participants will receive mineral water and a map at the entry. All participants arriving at Szent Orbán Resting Area at the end of the tour will get a portion of cooked dinner. Participants must bring their own bicycles and appropriate clothing. In the event of rain the tour will be held the following day, on 23.09.2018 with the unchanged conditions.